Trevor Dixon

iPhone’s New Fingerprint Scanner Circumvented in One Day

The day after the release of the iPhone 5s, a team of German hackers had circumvented the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner causing many to dismiss TouchID as insecure and useless. I’m more forgiving. In Hollywood, fingerprint scanners represent military-grade security, but to hold them to such standards in real life is unfair. TouchID is a consumer product that does well to balance security and usability; it isn’t the panacea for all security issues, but given that two-thirds of mobile phone users currently employ no access restriction tools, easy-to-use smartphone security mechanisms like TouchID will improve security generally.

I Don’t Know

Dr. Knutson tells us that in recent years, he has decided to be decisive, but in a recording of an interview with Jon Dupre, the guest expert Dr. Knutson exhibits a rare and refreshing irresoluteness. Pressed to take a stand on tough issues, Dr. Knutson declines to deliver convenient common-sense opinions, offering instead a wise, humble “I don’t know”. So-called common sense (a trait people tend to claim exclusively for themselves and those of like mind) produces so many wrong answers. The world needs more people with the patience and thoughtfulness to speak in less than absolute terms and the guts to say “I don’t know.”